Why Service Area Pages Are Important for SEO

A service area page is a landing page consisting of unique and original content about a particular city that your business serves. Service area pages help raise your rankings organically. Users typically search for a service + a city, and even if they don’t add a city, Google will pull up results based on the location that they’re searching from. To help your business get found in cities other than the one you are located in, service area pages are a must.

How To Create A Service Area Page:

  • Identify the key cities that you serve
  • Create a page on your website with unique and original content for each of these cities
  • Link to these pages from the menu on your website. Place them under a header such as “Areas We Serve” so they’re easy to find

Many people then wonder, “Why can’t I just create a list of the cities I serve, instead of creating a page for each one?” By just creating a list of all of the cities you serve, Google’s webmaster guidelines could cite it as a spammy practice and hurt your website’s rankings. By creating a page for each city, you will avoid being penalized by Google, add content to your site, and increase your chances of being found in different locations.

If your business serves a large number of cities, create these pages overtime. It is unrealistic to create 50 service area pages at a time; so start with 5-10 and add a new one every week. These pages should be well-developed with unique, original content. The content on each page should be dissimilar, as Google can punish your website with a duplicate content penalty.

To create unique content on each of these area pages, consider adding some or all of the following:

  • Completed projects in each city, using text and photos
  • Customer testimonials from each city
  • City-specific specials and offers
  • Advice and news relevant to your industry and that specific city
  • Details of your involvement in events, organizations, and sponsors in each city

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