What Are Service Area Pages And Do They Help Your SEO?

If you own a local business and have ever worked with an SEO rep or agency, then you’ve probably heard of the term service area page or a variation of that like city-specific location page. These are specific pages on your website dedicated to certain areas you may be targeting or want to expand your business. Some tend to wonder whether these pages matter when it comes to your SEO and the answer is yes!

Service Area Pages

Service area pages are a great way to help build up your website’s SEO and help expand the area that your business covers. The idea is to create a specific page to showcase that area of business. You want to provide unique content that gives insight and information on each area as well as a glimpse into some of the work you have done. The key here is the content you provide. You want to let customers know that you don’t physically have a location in that area but are more than willing to provide your services.

As great as these pages may be, an underlying factor that needs to be accounted for is the industry you work in. If your business involves services like a construction company or moving company, then these pages are great to display your range and how far you are willing to do business. But, if you are in the restaurant industry or own a single store, then it may not be the best course of action because people tend to want to stay more remote when it comes to those types of services.

Obtain Local Links

Local SEO is great and all but there are times where you just can’t do enough to reach those other markets. You’ve created the service area pages and fully optimized them, but it just wasn’t enough. Your next course of action if this happens is to try and develop local links in those surrounding areas. A couple of different ideas are to hold local events, offer discounts to people in specific areas, and advertise in those areas. The more you get your name and brand recognized, the more likely people of those areas are to follow in comparison to someone doing a random search and finding your business.

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