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Service Area Page 101

One of the best ways t0 galvanize web traffic for your business is a service area page – or an SAP for short. A service area page is a great way to draw in users from a particular, town, city, or area to your website.

Successful service area pages pique the interest of residents by using language that is relevant to them.

How Do I Make Successful SAPs?

Sometimes it can be as simple as listing various facts about the town, city, etc. like population and geographical location, but the deeper of a connection you establish with users the better.

For example, if you were writing an SAP for Newburyport, Massachusetts, a coastal town where winters can be rough, you could say: “We’re here to serve you through beach weather or snowfall!” – or something along the lines of that.

In addition to focusing on a particular area or town, SAPs should be informative, telling users exactly what the business provides to the said area or town. This can be easy as saying “We are proud to offer [service] to the residents of [town].”

Being clear about what you offer as a business is always a plus.

SAPs Reflecting Your Business

Again, the more in touch you are with your potential customers the better. There is no doubt that most customers would look favorably upon a business that understands the lay of the land.

Though it varies based upon work field, this is particularly relevant for businesses like contractors, whose work often consists of outdoor labor and home visits. Familiarity with a town, city, or area can positively impact the professional image of a business.

What Should My SAP Look Like?

It should be said that there is no exact right or wrong way to design a service area page. In fact, from a visual standpoint, SAPs can come in a wide variety of shapes and forms.

As stated, the success of SAPs is weighed by the level of interest it creates. As such, the aesthetic appearance of your SAP(s) is not as important as how they are performing!

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