September Social Media Updates

New Features & Changes in Social Media

In September, there have been new features and updates on multiple social media platforms. One of the biggest updates has been on Twitter with the change in 140-character limit and the close interaction on Facebook now between users and businesses.


  • Facebook’s September update mainly deals with brands and businesses interacting with their customers. After checking into a location, Facebook now has a new notification asking users to review and share their experience about the specific business. Also, through the Facebook Messenger app, Facebook allows brands and businesses to engage customers using bots.


  • The most noteworthy news coming from Twitter is the adjustment with the 140-character limit for a tweet. The 140-character limit will not be put toward a user’s names, photos, videos, and GIFs. This allows more room for words to promote your business! 


  • In September, conversion tracking finally arrived for LinkedIn, which can allow you to track how many times a user took an action or how many times an ad click resulted in a conversion. Different conversion types include a lead, a signup, a downloaded, or an installation.


  • It was announced in early September that Snapchat will have behavioral  targeting for advertisers that will allow them to target users based on their Snapchat activity. Currently, Snapchat advertisers are only limited to targeting users based on age, gender, location, device, mobile carrier, and events.

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