SEO You Should Focus On

Digital marketers know that SEO is more important now than ever before. You need to take control of your SEO performance from the start and fix any problems in order to stay caught up in the SEO game. Being savvy in the marketing industry means completing more SEO tasks in less time.

Load Time

Many website owners often underestimate the importance of SEO or even aren’t aware of it. According to Google, the probability of a visitor leaving a website enhances by 90% after 5 seconds after page load. After 6 seconds, bounce likelihood increases by 106%.

For small businesses, if your website is slow, then your SEO is not going to be great. This means that you can meet different problems, including drops in rankings, high bounce rates, and low sales results.

For big companies like Amazon or Walmart, quality content and good offers and prices are not enough. Time equals billions of dollars per second.  Amazon stated that it could lose $1.6 billion in sales every year because of page load slowdown of just one second.

Keyword Rankings

It’s important to know how each of your web pages is performing based on keyword phrases to help you increase more traffic. Finding the right keywords, making sure to thoroughly respond to the search query and satisfy the user intent is the best way to long-term SEO success.

Once you know your keyword rankings, you can determine if you’re on the right track. A way to see the page ranking for a specific keyword is to look at SE Ranking. The software has different tools, one of them is a keyword rank tracker.

The tool allows seeing for what keywords your website page is ranking, keywords’ monthly search volume, KEI, traffic forecast, and visibility rating. You can also compare your page performance to your competition, find more profitable keywords, monitor quality backlinks, and get the most out of similar on-page website SEO opportunities.

Together with global rankings, SE Ranking monitors Google SERP features, Map results, and Google Ads positions for different locations and devices.

Mobile Friendly

In this day in age, mobile-friendliness is a need, not just a want.  Mobile users make up the majority of online users. According to research, 72.6% of users will access the internet using their mobile devices by 2025.

It’s important to optimize your website for mobile users since Google considers mobile-friendliness as one of the most significant ranking factors. Designing for mobile users, make sure to avoid long-scrolls, take into account different devices and screen sizes, and different considerations for surfing on mobile.

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