SEO: What To Do When You’ve Launched A Website

You just launched your website and you’re wondering, what can I do to see results and get myself to appear on Google? There are many factors  to help improve your website visibility on search rankings. So, where do you start? How do you get traffic from search engines? We’ve created some basics steps to follow:

External Link. Google loves to follow links, being referred by another site that already has authority will help Google know that your website exists. Once Google indexes your site, it will start to show in the search results.

Keyword Research. When you want to improve SEO for your website you should carry out some important keyword research (Google Webmaster Tools is good to use and it’s free). Find out what your target audience is searching for and narrow down your keywords.

Content. Now that you have your keywords, you want to build out content by writing content that revolves around topics that you researched to improve your search rankings.

Page Titles & Meta Description. Once you’ve slowly started to see results by ranking in the search engines, the next step is to check your meta descriptions and the titles. Are you writing them correctly to entice your audience into clicking the link to your website? Small adjustments can really make a huge impact in bringing more traffic to your site.

Site Structure. Is there a particular post or page you find is the most important element to your website? Having a structure by adding internal links directly to the content will help rank in the search engines.

Link Building. Links are important. If done correctly it can bring in more traffic to your site. Although links are good you want to avoid link farms, and spam as Google penalizes websites using negative SEO to their site which will affect your search rankings.

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