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The SEO benefits that are available for companies and brands through the use of videos have been discussed before, but this strategy has become increasingly important and this time of the year is ideal for its implementation.  A recent article offered readers various suggestions for how to utilize videos for their SEO success, and combining this knowledge with the fact that we are now in the holiday season means it would be silly for a brand to opt out of this avenue of online marketing.  With great tips already provided for how to optimize your social media campaign for the holiday season, the partnership between this and a video SEO strategy could lead to a significant increase in brand awareness, conversions and even more dedicated customers.

What seems to turn companies off from Video SEO most often is feeling as though they do not have an interesting topic or content that will grab a viewer’s eye.  What is important to remember, however, is that often times those who are surfing the internet can get lost in a sea of text, and a short video clip related to what they are looking for can be refreshing and is actually more apt to spark their interest.  What better time could you create a video for your company or brand than during the holidays?  With so many unbelievable sales and offers occurring, it is rather easy for a company to post an interesting clip about certain products that customers can receive great bargains on, special upcoming events for Christmas or the New Year, or even something as simple as putting a face to a brand by recording a video that includes members of your team offering holiday greetings; this immediately makes the audience feel as though you are invested in your reputation and client interaction, and you have a desire to personally contribute to the online community.

So, before you wave off the idea of engaging in Video SEO, take a few minutes to jot down some ideas and possible topics to record.  YouTube is certainly the most beneficial place to host these short clips, as you can optimize them with brand-related keywords and descriptions.  These videos do not have to be extremely time-consuming either, but the positive effects can be great and long-term.  By sharing these videos on your already holiday-optimized social networks as well, you are opening numerous avenues for increased exposure, shares, traffic and business overall.

-Casey Guntlow

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