SEO Trends To Focus on This Spring

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to be an important factor in the digital marketing landscape. With search engines like Google constantly updating their algorithm for search ranking results, it is imperative to know the current SEO trends. If your website is looking to improve its search engine ranking this season, here are five SEO trends to consider implementing into your campaign.

#1.Write Content Directed to Users

Content written for users is invaluable and your work likely will not go noticed by search engines such as Google. With all the algorithms Google has in place, it can easily detect content directed towards users most of the time. The best ways to write content directed to users is to be authentic, avoid keyword stuffing, and be original. Think people first, robots second.

#2. Generate Helpful Content

Digital media users are constantly seeking answers. Generating helpful content such as frequently asked questions blogs is a tremendous way to drive organic traffic to your website.

#3. Keyword Research

Doing the proper keyword research will help you understand which words users are mostly searching for in your respective industry. With the usage of the proper keyword, you can generate content that helps you rank well on search engines

#4. User Experience

A user’s experience on a website can be everything. A website that is conducive to a positive user experience is likely to create a situation where users stay on a website longer. On the flip side, a subpar user experience is likely to cause a user to exit your website quickly or just after viewing one page.

Examples of Good User Experience on a website:

  • Website and Pages Loads Quickly
  • Quality Images
  • Easy Navigation
  • Text that is easy to read
  • A Mobile-Friendly Website

You can always test your page speed insights and mobile-friendly score with Google’s free online tools.

#5. Content With The Right Amount of Words

A popular question in the SEO community is, “How long should a blog be”? Most would argue that a blog or piece of website content should contain at least 400 words. If there is older content on your website than is thin on the word count, adding more words and freshening it up cannot hurt.

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