SEO Trends To Watch For In 2024

With the new year vastly approaching, it is essential, more than ever, to take a deep look into your digital marketing and SEO strategy. Whether you need to adjust to rank higher in search results, enhance your customer user experience, or drive up your organic traffic, there is no better time to look at the latest SEO trends. SEO trends, especially going into a new year, are vital as they show marketers and businesses alike the upcoming landscape of user behavior. To help you improve your digital marketing and SEO strategy in 2024, the SEO specialist team at Boston Web Marketing has compiled a list of trends to watch this new year.


What Are SEO Trends For 2024?


Demonstrating Expertise

While SEO is already focused on strategy, we expect to see a further increase in the need to demonstrate clear and concise expertise on a specific and relevant topic. Doing so is commonly referred to as demonstrating topical authority, developing your site and company as a source that anyone can go to on a specific topic.


The Use Of Video

The creation and usage of video content are on the rise, and we expect it to continue to grow well into 2024! Video content is so popular and is gaining popularity in search results as there are upwards of 3.5 billion video content users in the world. Video content is more likely to be shared than any other form of content, a statistic search engines are picking up on.


An Increase in the Use Of AI

AI technologies like GPT and other platforms have entered more prominently in 2023, and we expect them to continue to do so in 2024. However, we expect SEO professionals worldwide to adapt to these changes and utilize AI platforms to strategically create strategies and content. They are providing a deeper insight into a more personalized and unique user experience.


An Increased Demand For SEO

Without a doubt, SEO will remain and continue to be a driving factor in digital marketing success for companies, brands, and businesses. As search engine algorithms evolve and new programs arise, there will be a demand for new and improved SEO tactics and plans. This makes updating and strengthening your SEO strategy consistently more essential than ever.


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