SEO Tips for Multi-Location Businesses

For businesses with multiple locations, local SEO can provide some of the best benefits when it comes to any type of marketing. Being able to get your businesses to show up in  Google Maps and on page 1 of the search engine results page for local searches can drive phone calls, walk-in customers, and overall, more revenue to your business. If you are trying to do local SEO on your own before hiring an SEO expert there are some simple steps you can take to try to get your different locations showing up online.

Location Pages:

If your website for your multi-location business does not have individual location webpages, this is the first step you should take. These pages should have contact information (Name-Address-Phone Number) and unique information about the business such as employees, points of interest, store hours, and maybe some content about the area. If done properly overtime these pages should show up in the search results when users are searching for your goods or services nearby. Ideally, these pages would be located somewhere in your main header, and be easy to navigate to from other parts of your website. They should also have internal links to them throughout your website.

Google My Business:

After your location pages are set up on your website, you should create and optimize your Google My Business profile for your different locations. When they ask for a URL, you should put the URL of your location pages you have already created. This will once again help improve your results in search engines. Make sure to fill out all the other information asked for as fully and as accurately as possible.

Local Backlinks:

In SEO relevant backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for websites. If you have a multi-location business, getting local backlinks to your web pages is a crucial way to rank in your area for your keywords. If you are able to procure backlinks from other businesses, organizations, or groups that are near your locations, you will see great benefits when it comes to search engine results.

Taken these steps but still not getting the results you want? It could be time to talk to an outside party. Get in touch with Boston Web Marketing today for a free SEO consultation. 

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