SEO Strategies for Seasonal Content

Making the Most of Spring-Themed Blog Posts


As the seasons change, what online users want to view also changes. Searches flip from “how to repair snow damage” to “how to spring clean” and so on, creating a chain reaction of seasonal change searches. In turn, as the service provider, you will want to target your online content and presence about what customers want at a specific time of the year. Doing so allows your business to show up for seasonal searches, reaching a wider audience you may not have been able to reach had you not created this content. To help you create a seasonal SEO strategy, the digital marketing experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our tips to help you optimize your content for seasonal SEO.


How Do I Find Seasonal Trends For My Online Content?


Perform Keyword Research

One of the keys to developing strong content regardless of the season is by performing keyword research. Keyword research helps you look into words or phrases related to your specific services, offerings, or products. Doing so lets you look for what customers and potential consumers are looking for based on specific trends and search volumes. Once you have uncovered the top and most relevant searches, you can use these words in content. These words will indicate what users are searching for, capturing the attention of the targeted audience, influencing them to view your content and website, and potentially converting.


Perform A Competitive Analysis On Like Businesses

Taking a look at your competitors’ content, strategy, and overall online presence can help you uncover potential seasonal trends you may have never thought of. Of course, you will want to take those ideas and put them into your own words, adding your unique flair. But looking for content that has generated high engagement, reach, and overall visibility regarding promotions, headers, social media posts, blogs, and website pages can flow your creative juices.


Look For Ideas On Google Search Console

Google has developed a vast amount of platforms that intend to help marketers reach their target audience effectively and efficiently. One of those tools is Google Search Console, a perfect platform to help you uncover trends, topics, and keywords generating traffic to your site. These analytics and research can help you develop tags and blog titles that contain seasonal information, producing more content on said changes and capitalizing on the opportunity.


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