Important SEO Strategies for Restaurants

Like many others, the restaurant industry is coming to realize the value of a robust SEO strategy. As we all know, there is no shortage of restaurants in any given area thus making it one of the most competitive industries. This cutthroat nature also means that effectively planning your restaurant’s SEO strategy could put you far ahead of the competitors; continue reading below to see the best SEO practices for the restaurant industry.

List Your Business in Google Business Profile

Setting up your Google Business Profile takes only minutes but is extremely valuable. When setting up your listing it is important to add your exact address, hours, contact information and website link. While this is a good start, restaurants that excel at their use of Google Business Profile will also include their menu, a short write-up about their restaurant and photos which are frequently updated. It is also important to note that if your restaurant has multiple locations each one needs to have an individual Google Business Profile.

Create Your Profile on Outside Listing Sites

Third-party listing sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor see millions of annual users search for restaurants near them. The same information used above in Google Business Profile should also be included on Yelp, TripAdvisor and the dozens of other listing sites. As always, be sure that your profiles are updated frequently showcasing any new photos, menu items, changes to hours, etc. Once these profiles are completed it is good practice to include links and badges routing back to these sites on your own website. These are valuable backlinks that will help your restaurant’s page rank on Google!

Create a Blog on Your Website

A well-maintained blog that frequently posts new, original content is another wildly important element of a restaurant’s website/SEO strategy. Your blog should feature news about your restaurant, additions to your menu, specials, and so on. Be sure that all blog content is original and pertinent to your business to avoid penalties from Google. Another focus of your blog should be creating a call to action. At one point or another in your blog, there should be a clear call to action that features a clickable link or button. This call to action can be as simple as a link to filling out a contact form or could be a button prompting users to create a reservation or start an online order. Blogs should lead to conversions while still showing creativity!

Let Boston Web Marketing Handle SEO For You

Owning and operating a restaurant is a massive commitment, and, believe it or not, a restaurant’s SEO can be just as important as the plates they serve when it comes to their success! Our team at Boston Web Marketing has the expertise to take your restaurant’s online presence to new heights- contact us today to learn more!

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