SEO Stocking Stuffers

Search Engine Optimization is an industry that literally changes every day. With all these changes comes new strategies and designs that marketing experts use to improve their ranking results and effectively provide powerful SEO output. Similarly, the Holiday season comes once a year, and every year is different. Different time, different age, different gifts. There are always those gifts that stay true throughout the years, the stocking stuffers. Just like those gifts, there are some SEO practices that also stay true no matter what, SEO stocking stuffers.

Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Optimizing page titles and descriptions is one of the few SEO practices that has proven to be a ranking factor no matter what. Relevant and keyword rich titles and descriptions have stood the test of SEO time and continue to be a building block of any SEO strategy. Think of page titles and descriptions as the Chapstick, or pack of gum you get in your stocking. Something small that you may take for granted but you know you will use no matter what.


Content is vital to the survival of any website and crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. On page content must be relevant and keyword rich. Search Engines view content using both quantitative and qualitative guidelines. While thin content will not rank as high, too much repetitive or keyword stuffed content will also be recognized by search engines and ranking will fall. Content is about creating engaging, grammatically correct content, with appropriate keyword usage.


Link building goes back to Google’s original algorithm, PageRank. Pagerank would rank sites depending on the number of links to that site. Since PageRank’s original introduction there have been many updates to the algorithm, but it is still used today to some degree. It is important to include internal and external links to and from your site. External links should be directed to credible websites and internal links to relevant pages within your site.

As 2018 approaches, so will new SEO strategies and algorithm updates. These SEO stocking stuffers have lasted as relevant ranking factors this far and they will continue to do so through 2018. Contact Boston Web Marketing for more SEO stocking stuffers!

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