SEO Reporting Mistakes To Avoid This Year

In the digital marketing world, SEO reports are just as important as the SEO work being done. SEO is no good if you do not understand the data and work on ways to improve it. SEO Reports can help solidify your efforts to your clients and help them understand why SEO is essential for websites. SEO Reports should always be well-designed and simple to grasp for those unfamiliar with the digital space. Here are a handful of common SEO reporting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Focusing on the Wrong Metrics

With all the data SEO results provide, it can be easy to get carried away and become enamored with certain metrics. With SEO reporting it is essential to look at each metric carefully and avoid overlooking any. While all SEO metrics are important, always pay close attention to overall rankings, where website traffic is driven from, and keywords.

Failure to Customize Reports

While you may have a strong grasp on SEO, chances are most of your clients of businesses do not know much about the practice. While most of your reports should have the same template structure, tailor reports best suited for who you are reporting back to. Always double-check to make sure your report is accurate and understandable.

Not Improving in Areas Needing Improvement

The great thing about SEO reports is they will inform you of everything that is going well regarding on-page and off-page SEO for the website, and everything that needs improvement. One common mistake made in the SEO world is seeing areas that could use improvement, and never tackling it. Oftentimes, we tend to focus on building up what is already strong. Always keep in mind what aspects could use a little more attention and tie more of your efforts towards it. Chances are it will not improve on its own.

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