SEO Practices to Avoid in 2019

Performing proper SEO methods and implementing ethical SEO strategies is a delicate process and it can be difficult to pinpoint the proper procedure. All too frequently do we discuss SEO best practices and steps you can take to increase your SEO performance, but we never talk about what not to do. Other than the obvious black hat SEO methods such as buying links or cloaking, there are common SEO mistakes that, although you will not be penalized for them, they can hurt your rankings!

Poor Internal Links

Internal link building is one of the most basic SEO strategies you can use to help your site climb in the rankings. Unfortunately, just throwing links anywhere on the site directing to random pages does not suffice. Internal links are meant to be helpful and provide users access to other relevant pages as well as conversion pages. Pages on your site should have at least two or three internal links pointing to an important page on your site that may be relevant, such as a service page, and a conversion page, a contact us page for example.

Targeting Wrong Keywords

As an SEO professional or site owner knows, keyword optimization is the name of the SEO game. Targeting the proper keywords and including them in rich content is an excellent way to ensure your site gets found. It can be hard to know exactly which keywords are being searched, therefore which keywords you should target; if you target the wrong keywords, it can throw off your entire SEO strategy because you may not be getting found for what you intended. There are some basic keyword research tools you can use to figure out which keywords to optimize for including Google’s keyword planner and webmaster tools.

Don’t Set it and Forget it

People may think that once they have gone through their site once, cleaning 404 errors, fixing duplicate content, updating meta titles, etc., that they do not have to do that again. Just focusing on creating keyword rich content with optimal internal links is all that needs to be done now. This is not true, once you complete a technical sweep of your site, sure it may be all set for a while, but when you continuously add content there is a slew of problems that may arise. Links can break, site speed can suffer, and much more. It is imperative to not fix technical issues just once and forget about them, these are reoccurring issues and they must be monitored constantly.

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