SEO Pointers to Attract Holiday Shoppers

It’s the start of November & the holidays are right around the corner. If you are new to the SEO world then odds are you haven’t heard about SEO for holiday shoppers! If you feel your site is not up to par there is no need to worry! Below are tips that all website owners can use to make sure that the holidays stay happy in the SEO world.

Meta Title & Description

The easiest thing to do for some traction to your website is to change your titles & descriptions. A title such as “Baseball gloves sold here” to “Children’s a baseball gloves” will attract a whole new wave of customers. However, using just any product from your site won’t help. You need to be using your highest ranked product to get the best results. To do this check Google Search Console to see what links get the most traffic. If you have a link that promotes stuffed animals making 2 impressions & a link leading to bicycles that have 200 impressions it’s obvious which one you should choose.

Featured Snippets

It has been confirmed by Google that featured snippets get the most results on the SERPS page. This is mainly because most people are searching with mobile devices. The way Google is set up is the featured snippets would be at the top of the page & the consumers would have to scroll past them to get to the meta titles & descriptions.

Focus On Maximizing Your Strategy

The holidays are a great way to boost your site’s traffic but you don’t necessarily need to pick a direction for your site. Trying to do too much with your site can lead to counter effects of what you want. By direction, we mean pick one type of product to push & one type of audience to target. If you start optimizing your site with your intended goal you should see the results you want during this holiday season. However be mindful, when the holiday season is coming to a close you will have to undo all of the changes you’ve made to your site to adjust back to normal!


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