SEO Mistakes to Avoid on Mobile

Google is switching to mobile-first indexing, meaning mobile updates need to be at the top of everyone’s list. Google is crawling all mobile sites first, and in some cases, may only look at your mobile site. Even if your desktop version is amazing, Google won’t rank you well if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when considering how mobile-friendly your site is. 

Site Speed

Website pages need to be both fast to load and fast to interact. 53% of users will abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This means page speed is important for the user experience and for Google to rank your website highly.

In order to keep the loading time low, be sure to keep all redirects to a minimum. Resize or compress your images to reduce the loading time as well. Upgrade your hosting site if you use a particularly cheap one. Cheap loading sites won’t give you the speed you need to host a lot of traffic.  

Blocked Files or Unplayable Content

Google is looking to crawl your website as a typical user would. This means they should have access to all content that is available on a desktop. Be sure to check the difference between the mobile and desktop views. This will allow you to see if your site has any content blocked on mobile. 

In addition to blocked content, any videos or multimedia content on your site should be accessible to all users. Keep in mind how it will impact your site speed, however, as large files will take more time to load. Include a transcript whenever possible to help all users and Google understand the files correctly. 

Structured Data

Structured data is Google’s answer to getting users and the fastest and most accurate answer to their questions. Using schema on your site can help improve your rankings and categorize your content. Use Snippet Tools and Structured Data Testing to ensure your schema is properly implemented on mobile view. 

Poor Mobile Design

Mobile-friendly means that all of the features of your site are responsive on mobile view. In order for your site to succeed in a mobile-first mindset, it needs to be mobile-friendly. Small font sizes, too much clutter on a page, and fonts that are difficult to read can all impact mobile-friendliness. Space elements on each page properly so users aren’t at risk of clicking the wrong link. 

Make your Site Mobile-First with Boston Web Marketing

With Google’s updates and algorithm changes, it can be difficult to keep track of everything you need to help your site rank highly. The experts at Boston Web Marketing can help your site get everything it needs. Get in touch with us today to begin improving your website and achieving your digital marketing goals.

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