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SEO Mistakes That Can Negatively Affect Your Rankings

Website owners know that it’s essential to have an SEO strategy in order for their site to do well in search results rankings. However, when your SEO strategy is misguided or poorly executed, you can accidentally send your website further down the search rankings rather than bumping it up. Below are some common mistakes that can end up making your website worse-off in the SERP rankings.

Bad Content

Anyone who has done a little research into SEO knows that fresh, insightful content on a website is an important ranking factor from Google and other search engines; however, if that content is bad, it can hurt your site more than it helps. One mistake that’s often made when attempting to write content for a website is that people will write blogs or articles for the sole reason of producing more words on a webpage rather than writing useful information that users may actually seek out. In each piece of content you write, you should be sure to include helpful information about your company as well as a call to action. As always, remember to never use duplicate content from your website or any other site on the internet.


Another common SEO mistake is that people forget to make sure that each of their webpages is indexing. Whether you’re doing SEO for your own website or a client’s, one of the first things you should check is that each page that is meant to be found on a search engine is, in fact, indexing. This can be done using a variety of applications that scan through each page of your website or by simply looking at a page’s HTML for a “noindex” meta tag. You should also be sure that each additional page or piece of content you publish is indexing properly.

Broken Plugins

One more common SEO mistake is that a site will have a broken plugin that’s negatively affecting its search rankings. Every once in a while, you should do a routine maintenance check to ensure each plugin on your website is working properly. If a plugin is broken, you should receive some kind of notification from your content management system. Don’t let attempts to achieve better search results leave you worse off than you were at the start!

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