SEO Maintenance: A Checklist for Essential Year-Round Tasks

SEO without structure can lead to a loss of your time and money.  Having a scheduled structure to how you handle your SEO daily, weekly and monthly can make a big difference and show a positive ROI.  The truth of it is that a lot of SEO tasks get started with a great initial idea but they never get finished.  You add the fact that SEO is never a once and done deal it can be hard to start, and track responsibility.  With the help of breaking SEO down into daily, monthly, quarterly, and even annual milestones you can build the right amount of tracking to be efficient.  

Daily SEO Tasks

Keeping an open eye out for the newest news is critical when it comes to SEO work this should be considered when it comes to maintenance.  This can range from anything from the actual updates from the search engines themselves to breaking news about SEO practices.  When big shifts happen inside the industry they are hard to miss, but missing out on the subtle smaller changes that happen can become magnified.  Do not fall behind or deploy outdated tactics.  

Keeping an eye on your key SEO performance metrics at least once a day is ideal especially for brands that rely on ecommerce volume or lead volume.  Another aspect that can be checked in daily is how your website is performing in search  through top level searches.  This allows you to catch any red flags such as: A specific position drop, organic traffic drop, or even a decrease in sales volume.  This will give you time to identify any negative trends and be able to reverse them when needed. 

Monthly SEO Tasks

Beyond your daily checks it is important to have monthly cycles where you can report on performance.  It gives you the opportunity to take a step back and analyze a larger sample size of data and spot trends.  When conducting your monthly reports it is a good time to look over year-over-year data to see how performance differs from the previous year.  Using meaningful intervals to measure allows us to see trends that can be missed on smaller sample sizes.  Taking a monthly planning approach, adjustments can be made to the plan like doubling down on a specific tactic or even adjusting the overall strategy.  

Quarterly SEO Tasks

Assuming that you have already covered your basis by checking daily, and weekly red flags it is important to take a broader look into each quarter. When preparing your audit a good aspect to include is what data google search console has collected.  Other things to consider include: benchmarks on site speed, mobile usability, structured data, aspects that are not looked at frequently.  Even with an audit process or frequent monitoring things can happen on a website.  Plugin updates or code updates can take place.  Something simple like publishing content can create duplicate tags, it is important to stay on top of your checklists.  

Yearly SEO Tasks

When taking a step back to look over a year’s review it can provide a good time to measure ROI calculations and advise strategies.  SEO is a long-term process to achieve the best position possible on search engines.  It is a valuable investment of time to look at performance data over a 12-month period.  Compare it to previous periods, look at benchmarks, and celebrate success.  

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