SEO Keyword Research Tips

Everyone knows an essential part of doing SEO is your keywords. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is. It is one of the most valuable aspect when it comes to being found online. Keywords allow your business to be found, but also gives you an idea of who your audience is, what they are looking for, and how to better serve these prospective customers for your business.

Making sure you are adding keywords is not only about making it to the top, but also about attracting the correct audience, the kind of audience that is going to lead to conversions. The kind that is going to be making money after all of the effort being put into SEO. The way to do this is by doing keyword research.

First thing to look at is to pay attention to how many people are searching for a particular keyword. Doing so means that using this particular keyword means a higher audience reach. Remember mto ake sure that you are able to be reached with this keyword because if you choose a common keyword you may not be able to compete with big national brands and names. Which brings me to the next tip which is applying long tailed keywords.

Although short keywords are easier to be reached, they are also more competitive. So being aware of these things as well as searching for keywords using google ad words tools can help by using the Ad Words Keyword Finder, to help you search for the most paid for keywords. So when using these tools, it is important to identify the topics that specifically relate to your business to appeal to the right customer base.

These research tips are strategies that as a business you should be revisiting time and time again as your business grows to appeal to the right customer base and also stay ahead of the game. It is recommended to revisit keywords on a month to month basis or quarterly basis for your business’s best interest.


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