SEO is more than just text content…

We can all agree that when we think about our SEO strategy plan, our brains automatically go right to the text of the site. Text, although immensely important for content, has now been overshadowed by the fact that it seems video and imagery are the keys to being found in more places for more search queries.

Take for example your business’ website. You most likely have many images on there, especially if you are a contractor, showing off the work you accomplish for viewers to see. But are they optimized to their full potential? Rather than placing a picture on your website and calling it a day, we suggest using the “alt” attribute. The “alt” attribute allows you to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason. It is possible that that a user is viewing your site on a browser that does not support images, but if you use the “alt” attribute, the user can still see the provided information about the picture.

An image can also draw the user’s attention to interact. Including images on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offers the user an opportunity to engage with one another.

For maximum search results, it is important for you to focus on more than just your site’s text content. Your goal is to be found organically for both your text content and your images, so take full advantage of alt text and see how much your SERP increases!

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