SEO in the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! It is always exciting to think about what a new year might bring along (in this case, internet-wise), but it is also interesting to look back on the past year and reflect on the various changes and advancements that occurred throughout the different avenues of the SEO world.

From the huge burst in popularity of Pinterest to the fast, widespread addiction of many to Instagram, the social media side of the web continues to expand into new and different outlets.  In 2013 it will be interesting to see what additional new networks arise, how current networks continue to compete, and if anything will ever truly advance over the social-network God known as Facebook.

Then there are the search engines: what new updates will Google, Bing and Yahoo churn out in the year ahead?  We all know that Google’s algorithm changes quite frequently and many SEO-ers are probably eagerly waiting to discover the next update and what it will focus on.  Will Bing ever defeat Google as the top internet-user’s choice? Will Yahoo’s makeover lead to increased users and popularity?  All of these questions and more leave many, like me, eager to learn the answers.

It’s easy to see that in order to truly succeed with SEO you must continue to alter your methods and approaches based on the latest changes and updates throughout the web world.  As a company or brand, why not make your New Year’s Resolution to invest a little extra time and attention into your online marketing and website management efforts?  In this day and age the internet is a crucial place to make yourself visible, create an impact and gain more potential interest/business.  Keep up-to-date on changes as they unfold in 2013 and you’re sure to be a step ahead in the SEO game.

By Casey Guntlow


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