SEO for Images to Improve Your Visual Search Strategy

Visual communication and marketing have increasingly become more important but how is SEO for images going to help improve your visual search? If you have not started optimizing your images, you could potentially miss out on growing additional organic traffic. 

It is a natural way of our searching as Co-founder at Instagram, Kevin Systrom once said, “People have always been visual; our brains are wired for images. Writing was a hack, a detour. Pictorial languages are how we all started to communicate; we are coming full circle.

Which Companies are Investing in Visual Search?

As you expect, big brands such as Walmart, Ikea, Forever 21, Macy’s, and many others have already stepped ahead of their competitors when it comes to visual search. Clay Bavor, Google’s vice president of virtual and augmented reality explains what makes the visual search a unique challenge by saying “In the English language there’s something like 180,000 words, and we only use 3,000 to 5,000 of them. If you’re trying to do voice recognition, there’s a really small set of things you actually need to be able to recognize. Think about how many objects there are in the world, distinct objects, billions, and they all come in different shapes and sizes,” He continues, “So the problem of search in vision is just vastly larger than what we’ve seen with text or even with voice.” So what does this mean for us? Well, with technology advancing, machines are able to better understand at recognizing images which have been adopted by younger generations (based on various studies) and how it has been one of the essential strategies for a digital shopping experience. Because of this, Google, Bing, Amazon, and Pinterest are heavily investing in visual and image search to increase leads and conversions. 

Tips on Optimization for Visual Search

Now, we have a clearer idea of why it is important to start thinking about visual search, what can we do to ensure we are fully maximizing our SEO?

Structured Data – Structured data is an additional piece of code you add to the website/webpage that communicates with search engines to display search results in a specific way. 

High-quality Images – Google and Bing pay close attention to how users behave when interacting with your website/content. Having a high-quality image can help improve user experience. 

Page SpeedHaving high-quality images is a great way to attract your users but keep in mind, you should also choose the right format and compress images (without losing their quality) for better usability and load time. 

Optimizing alt tags and captions are the fundamental steps for better visual search strategy but don’t underestimate the power of image and visual search, as Google offers plenty of recommendations to help you stay on top. Start gaining more organic traffic with Boston Web Marketing and let us improve your search visibility. 

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