SEO Checklist: The Key to Success

What to Include In Your SEO Checklist

When trying to obtain more traffic, engagement, and conversions for your business, it is crucial to make sure all of your basic SEO tasks have been taken care of. To check this, it helps to have a list handy that outlines the basic SEO tasks any business should conduct in order to ensure their campaign runs smoothly and supports ranking efforts. Some of the items to include in the list are as follows:


It is impossible to properly execute any type of search engine optimization campaign without first conducting a thorough audit as well as extensive research regarding what keywords are already working for not only you, but competitors as well and which are the best to optimize for moving forward.


Once you’ve examined the results of the audit as well as the research and determined which keywords to target, one of the first steps to take is optimizing your page titles. This step is one that is fairly straightforward but highly effective, simply because many individuals forget to optimize their site in this way and by doing so to every page on your site you ensure that the campaign is already off to a great start.

Meta Descriptions:

As with the title, the meta description shows within search engine listings and can help to greatly improve your click-through rate. Although not as impactful as page titles, meta descriptions provide individuals with a much more detailed description of the content located within the webpage. It’s important to ensure targeted keywords are consistent throughout page titles and meta descriptions.

Consistent Quality Content:

In addition to your page titles and meta descriptions, those looking to execute a proper search engine optimization campaign want to ensure that they are posting consistent quality content on a regular basis. In the SEO world, quality content is the name of the game. This is especially true for quality content that is posted consistently, such as the content posted regularly by websites that feature blogs.


Putting quality content out consistently is only part of the challenge as you also want to make sure that your content is structured properly. To do so, it is best to implement H-tags within your content. These H-tags essentially break the webpage up into sections to allow search engines the ability to more easily understand the content hierarchy.

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