SEO Checklist for Your Website

If you’re stuck in same old SEO routine, it’s time to follow the newest algorithms and updates to ensure your website is properly optimized. Focus on three components – basic SEO, keywords, and content optimization.

Basic SEO

Install & Verify Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely important tool as it allows you to track traffic to your site, phone call clicks, bounce rate and other data.

Install & Verify Bing WebMaster Tools

WebMaster Tools is essential because this is where you’ll install your sitemap.

Increase Page Speed

For mobile and desktop sites, you’ll want to aim for an 85/100. If your website takes longer than 2-4 seconds to load, your audience will probably leave.

Create a Responsive Website

With the increase in technology, more and more users are browsing the web across various platforms such as iPads, tablets, iPhones, etc. It’s time to get your website compatible across all devices.

Upload a Robots.txt File

By uploading a Robots.txt file, search engines are able to know which pages they should crawl and which ones to avoid.

Purchase an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate allows you to make your website “https” which builds trust with search engines.

On-Page SEO

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Create title tags at 60 characters and meta descriptions at 160 characters.

Header Tags & Internal Linking

H-tags are a great way to mark up sections of your website. Internal linking allows users to navigate from page to page of your website which keeps users on your website longer.

Content Optimization

To really enhance your content, always keep your tone conversational and create an FAQ blog which answers common questions.

Write for RankBrain

Google’s RankBrain algorithm answers some of the most complex search queries. To rank well for this algorithm make sure to write good content, again, in a natural tone. Make sure your content is meaningful so you are actually benefiting the audience.


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