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SEO Check-List For A Brand-New Website

Brand-new websites create and offer much excitement, but seldomly do they have overnight success. Patience is key for website owners when it comes to results for their brand-new websites. With that said, there is still a lot that can be done early for brand-new websites to set it up for long-term success. Do not wait around. Here are simple SEO tasks you should be checking off your to-do list as soon as your brand-new site is ready to go.

1. Take Advantage of Free Analytics Tools

Analytics drives the business world these days, so much so, even professional sports teams rely heavily on it. When it comes to measuring how your website is performing, utilize free platforms such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you set website goals, see what needs improvement and see where users are coming from.

2. Do Not Forget Internal Linkage

Internal linking on your website will not only keep users engaged with your website longer, but it will also help your website build authority. Only use internal linking in relevant spots and with what you believe is necessary. Internal linking is vital to SEO when it is not being used excessively.

3. Spread Out The Content

Most websites are designed in a way where content does not have to be stuffed all on one page. Do not overwrite any sections of your website and break it out.

4. Learn How To Index Your Webpages

Helping out “Website “crawlers” will go a long, long way. These crawlers will go through and browse your website to help it rank on search engines. Their job is to index your content and you can make their jobs easier by indexing your own content beforehand. Submitting an XML sitemap and having a robot.txt file will allow you to monitor your website for errors more efficiently.

5. Get an SSL Certificate

Every business website in 2022 needs an SSL Certificate. With online hackers seemingly ubiquitous, an SSL certificate will give your website an extra layer of protection. With an SSL certificate in place, website users know they can browse and enter information on your site safely.

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