SEO Best Practices: Link Building

There are a variety of projects that will affect how you rank on Google, Bing, and other search engines. From writing new content to improving website speed and performance. But aside from ways you can improve your own website, there are a few external projects. This includes link building. Search engine algorithms see how many websites point to your website and factor that in when ranking content. However, it is not as simple as having your website plastered all over the internet. Because of old black hat SEO techniques, it is vital that your website is on websites with strong domain authority.

What Is Domain Authority

Domain authority refers to an invisible metric. Although Google and Bing are not going to share with you the domain authority of your website or another website, it is a metric that exists. Basically, a good website has a higher domain authority compared to a bad website. Defining that a little bit more, there was a strategy of just buying domains and having websites that were just keywords and links. This website has no value to a consumer, it just exists to build links or “link farm“. Search engines caught on to this and have gone out of their way to make sure that businesses that practice link farming are punished. The difference between link building and link farming is that when you build links you are putting them on reputable websites that also have good SEO and not on fake sites. But even among good websites, some are better than others. For instance, if a link to your website existed in an article on a national news site, that would be more beneficial than on another small local business’ website.

Relevancy & Link Building

Aside from considering the domain authority of the website you are building links on, consider the relevancy. Is the website you are getting a link on in the same industry as you? The website category can also positively affect your link building. For instance, a restaurant would do well to get links on food blogging websites as well as other food service sites. More importantly, instead of just linking your homepage, you should try and have specific relevant content promoted. If you have service pages or business pages that are relevant, you should use them for link building.

Link Building Services with Boston Web Marketing

Our team of SEO professionals take a lot of different strategies into consideration when improving our clients’ ranking across the web. Aside from working on social media, content, and metadata, our team can help with link building and making recommendations on how to optimize your link building strategy. For more information and a free website audit, please contact us.

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