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Anyone who practices SEO knows that there are a variety of best practices one should get used to following when looking to rank highly in search engines. These include numerous things that can be considered both simple as well as complex, such as optimizing site titles and meta descriptions to securing your website. Although, what many people practicing SEO don’t realize is that if you are looking to have your website’s pages rank well within the news section of search engines such as Google there are also a set of separate, but similar guidelines that one should follow.

Recognizing this, the public liaison for Google Search Danny Sullivan, recently made a post on the Google Webmaster blog that includes a bunch of tips on how publishers can succeed in Google News through the new year. These tips provided a lot of valuable takeaways for anyone looking to get their web pages ranking in the news section of Google.

Optimize Headlines

The first tip is to make sure your article has clear and accurate headlines. This is very similar to the way that you’d want clear and accurate headings in a normal web page. Although when it comes to news articles it is important to make sure that the title (typically an H1 tag) matches the page’s title tag. Following this best practice in regard to article titles can help to ensure that the information atomically displayed after the Google crawler visits your site is accurate.

Utilize Structured Data Markup

Another tip that most SEO professionals will already be familiar with is to use structured data markup. Although there are ways to use structured data markup similar to how you would traditionally use it for a regular web page, when implementing it within an article you want to make sure to emphasize the time and date in which the article was published. This will help to make sure the accurate date and time of your article are shown within its search snippet since it is not uncommon for related stories on the site to be pulled into the article’s web page.

Review Google News Publisher Help Center

And last, but certainly not least, is to visit the Google News Publisher Help Center. Individuals who are familiar with the help center know of the vast amount of information available to those in need. This includes information on headings and titles as we discussed earlier as well as more detailed tips towards getting your article to rank within the news section of Google.

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