SEO Benefits of Building a Trusted Brand

The benefits of having a strong brand with solid recognition cannot be understated. Having a brand that people not only recognize but also want to buy or use is the pinnacle of great marketing, SEO, and other efforts that in turn create a level of trust and familiarity with the product you are offering to your customers. We dive deeper into the SEO benefits of building a trusted brand in this blog; find out more below.

  • Brand recognition

The one thing about SEO that makes it so competitive is that if you are not ranking your business for essential keywords, then your competitor is, and you in turn are on the short end of the potential business you could be receiving. You will rank for your business name and other unique products you offer, but don’t you want to be in the top spot for more general keywords; like “plumbers in Boston,” for example? Brand recognition, good SEO, and positive reviews all get you there.

  • Recognizable brands attract external links 

Being a trusted, recognizable brand not only helps your business generate monetary value but also external competitor benefits and the general public as well. Being a household name brand in the SEO realm will most likely earn you a plethora of external links on other companies’ sites, as they are either using the information you have published, the products you offer, or referencing some aspect of your company. Having other companies advocate for you is ideal, as they are doing it with their resources. 

  • Web traffic

As your brand gains more and more general recognition both in its industry and overall, it will lead to more organic traffic as people are more likely to search for you specifically, or because your brand has the recognition it has, it will rank higher on search engines. 

  • Conversions 

Eventually, the trusted brand you have built that has positive external recognition will lead to more conversions of the goals you are looking to achieve. Whether that is clicks, purchases, or appointments… your brand will greatly benefit SEO-wise from having a strong reputation. 

Let Boston Web Marketing build you a trusted brand 

Boston Web Marketing specializes in all-around SEO, Google Ads, social media management, and more. Let us build you an SEO strategy to help you on your goal of becoming a reputable brand with a strong following. We offer a wide range of services that can assist in getting your business that extra step, not only rank-wise on SERPS but as a general consumer brand as well. Contact us today at 857.526.0096 or to learn more about what we can offer you.

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