Beginners Guide to SEO and Domain Names

So, you’re interested in starting up a new business venture. You have the capital, resources, staff, and even your business plan all set to hit the ground running, but did you know that your SEO and domain can have a major impact as well?

Choosing Your Domain Name

One of the first steps you want to take when optimizing your SEO is setting up a domain name. This will most likely be the first and maybe only impression that you give potential customers so it’s important to not overlook it when deciding. If you’ve already come up with a name for your business, try to make your domain name something similar so that they coincide with each other. For example, if you name your business “Joe’s Landscaping” but decide to pick the domain name “” your SEO will take a hit because there is no unity between the two.

It’s best to keep your domain name short and sweet. A unique, easy to read domain name that relates to the aspects of your business will benefit your SEO ranking best. Try avoiding long, confusing domain names like “” If you thought that was hard to read, you’re right and it will be for search engines and customers as well. You should also try your best to obtain a “.com” extension due to it carrying special SEO benefits over others like “.net” and “.org”.

Keyword Targeting

Now that you’ve picked out an awesome new domain name, it’s time to focus on keyword research. As much as you want to be seen on the first page and get everyone clicking through your website, there are hundreds of other companies who have been around longer than you. Those companies probably have an established SEO history, so you’re going to have to do double the legwork to get the ball rolling. Using long-tailed keywords is a great idea because it specifies exactly what people are looking for. For example, if Joe’s Landscaping used keywords like “landscaping” it most likely won’t be found over other landscaping companies since it’s the new guy on the block. However, tailoring those keywords towards your services will target your market better and help you find customers easier. “Lawn mowing services” and “professional hedge trimming” would be more ideal as they specify exactly what you offer and tie into your business.

Content, Content, Content

Content is one of if not the most important aspects you should focus on for SEO. Your website exists to provide information about your business and industry and if you can’t do that in a creative and quality way then your SEO is going to take a major hit. Doing things like taking content from other websites is a big red flag for SEO because search engines will know that it wasn’t your content to begin with. Try your best to come up with creative, new content that talks about your industry and services in your own words as search engines will give a boost if you continue to do this on a regular basis.

Start a Blog

Having a blog on your website is a great way to build up your SEO. It makes search engines have to re-index your site which in their eyes means you are providing new content and differentiating yourself from others. Try to update your blog with at least one new post a week.

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