SEO basics you need to master (without any technical experience)

Did you know organic search makes up 1/3 of traffic to company websites? So, what does that tell you? SEO is still relevant as ever. If you are someone who owns a business, it’s important that you should at least know these 5 SEO basics even if you don’t have any technical experience!

1. Links

Links have been one of the Googles key ranking factors for many years and still is as reliable as ever. Why? Links coming from high-authority sites sends a message to Google that there is trust between the two. In other words, the more links from high-authority sites come your way Google will deem you as trustworthy.

2. Content:

You knew this was coming up, right? Content should be on top of the list when trying to gain traffic to your site. Google likes to see fresh content being published consistently, so it knows you are active. Content is what keeps people on your site, without it, you are nowhere to be found.

A great tip is to write different types of content that relate to your business. Variety content keeps your readers engaged, and don’t be afraid to recycle old material too! Sometimes content needs some brushing up, and it’s an excellent opportunity to add new keywords too!

3. Page Titles and Meta Description:

Even some SEO specialists have overlooked the importance of the Metadata. This is essentially the user’s first impression of your website when searching for a specific keyword on search engines because it helps people decide whether to click on your link or not. If people are not clicking on your link, Google will notice and drop your ranking.
A helpful tip is placing keywords as close to the beginning and make the description and title catchy and clickable.

4. User Experience:

Google collects data based on the way users navigate and behave on your site, and if your website is user-friendly or has great user experience, search engines will appreciate this. Site speed and keeping your site clean and simple will help users get to what they were looking for which increase your chances of ranking better.

5. Mobile.

Google recently announced that mobile indexing is here. Therefore mobile SEO is more important than before! More users on using their mobile devices to search online, having your website mobile friendly will optimize your website on search results. If you’re a local businessman trying to be found in your town, the first step is to focus on local SEO as 89% of people search for a local business on their phone once a week and 58% do it daily!

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