SEO Basics: How to use social media

It’s a fundamental step to have social media as part of your SEO strategy. Each year the usage of social media has increased immensely in popularity that even Google and other search engines couldn’t ignore them any longer. This means the more engagement you have with social media can ultimately help your SEO. We’ve come up with some basic tips in order to set up or to improve your social media strategy, check out some helpful tips on how to use social media.

  1. Be active with your account. Consistent is key, keeping your social media account alive. Make sure you post often. A good advice is planning out your posts for whenever you are away or simply just busy. Scheduling your post could help save you a lot of time.
  2. Write something appealing. Before you decide to share your blog post on social media, adding a captivating text can go a long way. Choosing the most important sentence, description or the main post of your blog could be the crucial engagement to attract your reader’s attention to continue to read the rest of your blog post.
  3. Spread out your content. You should think about diversifying your post in social media. Not all share the same concept as each social media platform is unique in their own way of engaging with their followers. You should think about different social media strategies to capture your target audience attention.
  4. Dealing with comments. Knowing how to handle comments on social media is a great way of understanding your audience a bit more.
  5. Use attractive illustrations. If you have Pinterest or Instagram then you will know it is all about the illustrations. Facebook is a great powerful tool to make your post stand out in the timeline with a potential option to boost clickthrough.
  6. Be part of the community. If you are active in a certain community or niche, you will soon discover other interesting people in that area that your audience follows. Follow them too and interact with them, this could help you and their audiences grow.
  7. Adding meta data. Use your hashtags wisely if anything, use them smartly to help your growth. Nobody likes a post filled with random hashtags!

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