SEO and the Internet: How Prominent is this Industry?

While more often than not a person will immediately head to the internet to perform a search to find anything from the closest local bakery to the most highly respected lawyer in the area, there are still bound to be those out there who have their reservations about using the internet as the primary platform for marketing their business or brand, and do not realize the opportunities that SEO could provide to them.  However, a recent study revealed just how big the SEO industry has become, and if you are one of these people, the results might make you think differently about utilizing these services.

When considering the interest that people have in SEO worldwide, this new infographic concluded that 3.5 people search the term “SEO” on Google every second.  9.1 million web users are interested in and search the internet to gather SEO information every month, and 863 million websites currently exist globally that mention the term “SEO.”

You might wonder: what about the US specifically? Well, America is listed as the forth nation in rankings for those who are interested in SEO and all of its strategies and factors.  2.24 million Americans use the internet every month to inquire about SEO and what it entails.  With this many people showing interest in SEO on a monthly basis, it is rather apparent that SEO as an industry has achieved huge popularity and is something to explore.   If you are new to SEO and how it works, you might be surprised by how much it entails, the various steps that should occur in the process, and how interesting it can really be.

If you are a business owner, especially one for a smaller company, you probably understand the challenges of acquiring exposure and being able to gain new clients on a regular basis.  No matter how you feel about the web as a whole, there is no denying that we are now an internet-dependent society and some of your best opportunities to market your business are through this outlet.  With numbers like those from this latest infographic, why wouldn’t you want to utilize SEO?  These efforts can: 1) help you against your local competitors (many of which are probably included in those who are searching SEO each month and are also participating in this strategy), 2) cause an increase in your company’s exposure to numerous new audiences, and 3) allow you to become a contributing member of an industry that is already undeniably powerful and depended on by so many.

-Casey Guntlow


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