SEO Shifts Towards Mobile Devices

If your business relies on leads or sales through your site, you need to be sure your site is optimized for mobile devices. Did you know over 60% of searches on the web are now done through a mobile device with the remaining 40% on done on desktop? This presents a new challenge and strategy for digital marketers moving forward.

Mobile Friendly

First, check your site on mobile and put yourselves in the shoes of a user. Be sure that the layout of your site is responsive (site adjusts to the size of the screen) with its desktop version and can also be easily read and navigated through. With most searching through mobile, landing on a site that is not easy to interact with will yield a higher bounce rate (users leaving quickly with no interaction). Depending on the industry and type of business, ensuring a contact form or clickable number to the site is also greatly important as these are people interested in your services/ products and looking to learn more. Clickable phone numbers are probably most important for restaurants and other “need-it-now” demand types of industries (locksmiths, plumbing, pest control, etc.).

Tracking through Analytics

If you have done some SEO best practices while setting up your site, you should already have Google Analytics tracking the traffic coming through your site. Google Analytics allows you to see the number of people viewing your site through mobile. If you notice high bounce rates from mobile, you may want to look deeper at how mobile-friendly the site is. Also, with the installation of Google Tag Manager, you can set up accurate click-to-call conversion tracking to accurately see how many people are calling you through your mobile site. This can provide you with valuable insight regarding how well your mobile site is performing in terms of converting goals (calls, contact forms, newsletters, etc.).

Full-Scale Mobile Strategy- Social Media

With so many spending much of their commute, lunch breaks, and dare we say, time in the office on social media, depending on your type of business, a social media presence can also increase leads and sales. Reaching out to the correct audience while linking back to your mobile-friendly site, should yield you results in people visiting your site, exploring pages, and becoming conversions. Again, this strategy works better within some industries than others, but overall, a social media presence should build positive brand recognition if done properly.

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Boston Web Marketing has seen how consumers are shifting their habits in terms of how they search for services and products online. We see mobile search continuing to grow in the next few years as phones, tablets, and other devices (smart appliances, voice search, etc.) become more commonplace for consumers. If you need assistance making your site mobile friendly while increasing leads and driving more revenue-based conversions, give our team a call today! Our team of Digital Marketing and SEO Specialists will work to understand your business and implement a strategy that will yield positive results!

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