SEO & AI: 3 Things You Should Know

AI is increasingly becoming more and more popular – and that includes in the world of SEO. AI technologies are designed to help machines perform specific cognitive tasks similar to humans. SEO is a tool to enhance your website and web presence through content strategies, keyword research, metadata updates, and more. Therefore, AI in SEO can help optimize website content for search engines. That being said, there are some things to consider before you begin using AI for your website’s SEO. 


1. AI is just a tool to enhance, not replace.

Something important to understand with AI and SEO is that AI is simply a tool to help improve your current SEO efforts. It’s powerful, but you need to be more powerful to get you listed as #1 on SERPs. Like all tools, AI is only as good as the person utilizing it; it can only do some work for you. Relying solely on AI to create content for your website can easily result in Google penalizing and removing you from the SERP. In 2022, Google released a helpful content update, prioritizing content made by people for people. If you solely use content created by AI, you’re website will fall off search engines. 


2. You don’t own AI content – and they might plagiarize. 

AI-generated content is not copyrightable. Where it currently stands, the Copyright Act has been interpreted to mean that only human-authored works can be copyrighted. You’re more familiar with copyrighting books, movies, music, or artwork, but it is just as crucial for your website. Your content – and your ideas – should belong solely to you. Copyrighted content provides proof of ownership and will make it much easier to pursue legal action if someone chooses to steal any content from your website. On top of this, since AI bots are drawing information from content written before, it might be too similar to the original content, and you could be accused of duplicate content. 


3. AI can’t think like a human. 

The most important thing to remember when using AI to enhance your current SEO methods is that AI can only think like a human later. Consumers want authentic content when they visit your pages or view your social media content. Although AI can put together some pretty good sentences, they don’t think as we do, and AI doesn’t think to themselves, “What is most valuable to the user?” The content AI will create is much more factual and will not contain powerful emotional marketing elements that effectively target different audiences. Also, Google will easily detect if a human or an AI bot has written content.


Navigating AI with Boston Web Marketing

If you are considering leveraging AI to enhance your SEO, don’t forgot that it’s here to help enhance our SEO methods, not replace them.  For example, asking ChatGPT questions about industry trends is one thing, but copying and pasting an AI-generated article onto your website can seriously harm your online presence. AI is constantly evolving, and we are always learning more information on how it can negatively and positively impact SEO. At Boston Web Marketing, our team knows the latest news and updates surrounding AI, Google algorithm updates, and SEO trends. Contact us today to start working with our team

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