Semantic Keywords and How They Help Boost Your SEO

Keyword research is essential to optimizing your website; keywords help your search engine rankings and help users find your website quicker. Although keyword research is always important to SEO, a trend to participate in to boost your SEO efforts in 2022 is semantic keyword research. Continue reading to learn more about this trend and how it’ll help boost your optimization goals. 

What are Semantic Keywords? 

Semantic keywords are keywords closely related to the original keyword. For example, suppose a user searched for “flowers” (original keyword) into a search engine. Google will pull up results like “florist near you” or “flower bouquet” (semantic keywords) because they closely relate to their search. Essentially, semantic keywords help narrow down a search to be as accurate as possible in order to help the user obtain the information they need as fast as possible. 

Search engines are smarter than you think. Therefore, lazy SEO practices will not work and eventually hinder your website optimization. In the past, SEO specialists used strategies such as keyword stuffing to make their website appear relevant; however, search engines easily recognize such bad practices and penalize them. It is important to know that search engines prefer websites with high-quality and unique content, and that is where semantic keywords come in to help. 

How can I Find Semantic Keywords?

There are multiple ways to find semantic keywords to help optimize your website. An easy strategy to use is Google Related Search Suggestions. When you type in a word or phrase into Google, it generates a list of suggested searches. This is a list of popular words or phrases that could be related. Although this list is not a guaranteed list of semantic keywords directly related to your search, it is still a good tool to utilize to start your research.

Google Ads provides a keyword planner tool that is also very useful for semantic keyword research. You can find a keyword’s popularity and search rates, and Google provides a list of suggested terms based on industry. This tool can identify common keywords and related phrases relevant to your business. 

How Do I Use Semantic Keywords to Boost My SEO? 

Now that you have done your semantic keyword research, it is time to apply them. It is imperative to know that quality content that provides the information a user is looking for is best for your website’s SEO. A large number of users are searching for answers online. Therefore, use your semantic keywords to develop sufficient information for those users. Answer questions, incorporate relevant links (internal and external), and use images and videos to engage your audience while providing an optimal user experience. 

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