Selling on Instagram: Tips for Social Commerce

Instagram is one of the largest, international social platforms with over 1 billion users internationally. Not only is it crucial to create an account for your company, as your users and target audience will be engaged with your posts, but they’re also shopping directly through Instagram. Shopping on Instagram has created an entirely new meaning for E-Commerce as a “Social Commerce” form. Instead of posting content about your products, you can sell them too! Continue reading to discover tips for utilizing Instagram for shopping

Ensure You Have A Business Account

It is imperative to have some foundations before expecting to make money on Instagram. The following features are available for business accounts:

  • Your audience’s insights.
  • Adding valuable information about yourself to your profile would make it easier for people to find and connect with you outside of the app.
  • Promote your posts to reach a larger audience.

Consistency is Key

Do you know what the most effective way to generate sales on Instagram once established is? Keeping your content consistent and providing value, not just selling. Sales-y accounts turn many people off. You won’t engage your audience for long if all your posts are product features with links to buy. The key to better conversions is an engaged audience, as you may already know. Knowing, liking, and trusting you will significantly increase your sales. For Instagram to be successful, you need consistent, high-quality content.

Only Post High-Quality Content

You can grow your Instagram following and hopefully get more customers by posting top-quality content. How can you make high-quality posts?

  • By using images that complement your brand.
  • Posting photos with valuable, relevant information that shows your expertise is topical to your industry and gives your audience something to work with (for less serious accounts, entertainment is also helpful).
  • Not disappearing for days or weeks at a time without notice (the audience can count on your postings).
  • Creating an overarching content strategy has a planned schedule of planned weeks.

Sell Your Products With Instagram Shopping

Lastly, don’t forget that Instagram has introduced a new selling feature: Instagram Shopping. Using the app, you can create your own “shop” and link directly to products in your store in posts, reels, and stories after enrolling and connecting your e-commerce store. It’s relatively simple to begin your journey selling products on Instagram. Whether your brand is established, or you are just beginning to become established, creating an exceptional content strategy can increase your sales tremendously. The two key components that will help your brand flourish are to be a reliable trusted brand and showcase your products that appeal to the human eye.

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