Sell Items on Amazon? Here’s How to Improve SEO for Products

Just like Google, Bing and Yahoo, Amazon has it’s own search algorithms. Although Amazon does have dealings with Google AdWords, their bots don’t focus as much on click through rate, bounce rate or fresh, unique content. If you or your client sells items on Amazon, there are more important factors that need to be addressed in order to optimize your products.

SEO for Amazon Products

  • Images. If you’re going to sell an item online, it makes sense to have a photo of it. But not just any old photo will do — you’ll need to make sure your photos are large enough for users to make out what the product is as well as ensure the picture is of good quality. A photo at least 1000 x 1000 pixels will increase sales. Adding as many photos as allowed will also help customers better understand usage of the product as well as size and shape.
  • Product Title. The first thing users see is an image. If they like the image, they’ll read the title — and that title better be a good one! Your product title is the most important factor when it comes to ranking in Amazon’s algorithm. Not sure how to write a good title in this instance? No worries, Amazon has a title building guide for just about every product category. We suggest not wandering far from Amazon’s title suggestions and being as descriptive as possible about the product and less sales-y
  • Keyword List. In the back end when uploading a product, take note of the keyword section. Although space is limited, it’s important to use all of it by including as many relevant keywords as possible about your product. Pro tip: There’s no need to repeat the same keywords if they are already included in a single keyword phrase. For example, if you include “body lotion” as a keyword, there’s no need to include the word “lotion” as a separate keyword; Amazon will could “body lotion” as two separate keywords.

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