Seasonal SEO & Why It’s Important For Your Site 

We all experience the fear of fast-approaching seasons, which is why having a strong seasonal SEO strategy is incredibly useful. Keeping up with seasonal trends is a critical way to help predict seasonal spikes in visitors and traffic. It can also help you better target the different search queries happening at this time of the year. Even if you don’t have a seasonal business, it is important to adequately target the common search trends.

Properly optimizing your site and business for the holiday season can make or break your SEO success. Failure to keep your company’s online presence up to date with the holiday seasons can result in a loss of customers. It will also result in a decrease in visibility and search engine ranking. Implementing a strong SEO strategy can prepare for the sudden spikes in traffic. If you have an e-commerce site, then sales will spike as well. In this post, you will learn how to predict these seasonal trends and how to properly prepare for them. 

Predicting Seasonal Trends

One of the best tools to use in order to predict these seasonal trends is Google Trends. Google Trends is a free service that shows you popular search queries and various different trend analytics. In addition to this, you can insert different filters making it much easier to see what people are searching for depending on location, age, etc. Using google trends as the first step in planning out your SEO strategy for the holiday season is a great way to predict changing trends.

Another option to predict seasonal trends and to build an effective SEO strategy is to bring in professionals. For many business owners, taking the time to analyze trends and to be consistently updating content to match up with these trends can be too time-consuming. Consider utilizing our services at Boston Web Marketing to put a plan into place for your SEO strategy. With that being said, why does this matter and how do you build an SEO strategy that works for you?

Building a Seasonal SEO Strategy

Taking advantage of seasonal marketing opportunities is a great way to gain more organic traffic. Additionally, it will automatically position your business in the holiday market. Many companies can have great success by tapping into this market of holiday festivities. Data shows that retailers alone have the ability to increase their customer base by 30-50% during the holiday season. This opportunity for your business to thrive should not be overlooked. Try these 4 tips when building your SEO strategy this holiday season!

Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan ahead before making any decisions for your holiday SEO strategy. As stated before, using tools such as google trends to monitor where people are searching and what keywords are the most popular is a critical way to stay on top of the changing marketing trends. 

Monitor Search Trends

Monitoring the search trends on the backend of your website is another important step in planning your SEO strategy for this holiday season. Understand what works best for your business and merge that with what is most successful in your industry during the holidays. 

Adjust Your Messaging

Adjusting your messaging can be a great way to position your brand in the holiday market, even if you aren’t a seasonal business. When building your messaging, your should take into consideration the story that you want to tell, and the emotions you want your audience to feel. Lastly, never forget a strong call to action! 

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If you want your business to be prepared for the holiday season and the unexpected trends it brings, but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, contact us at Boston Web Marketing! Our SEO specialists will guide you through the process of planning your SEO strategy and assist you in navigating the holiday season.

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