Seasonal Search Engine Optimization

Since I started working for Boston Web Marketing and helping business owners with their SEO needs, I’ve noticed that about a third of my clients have businesses that vary in services as the seasons go along. For example I have a client that has a general contracting business which offers a number of services for their clients. Whether it be kitchen & bath remodeling, roofing, windows, additions, landscaping, snow & ice management, so on and so forth you get the idea. This person has services for each season of the year for their customers.

So as an initiative I suggested we have a “seasonal SEO strategy”, that’s where a month or two before a specific season they give me a list of keywords for that season’s services to best serve their customers.  Also they give me a list of towns by the type of work they normally do for them by season as well. By having this information a month or two before the season I’m able to implement this information on to their website.  Then I send this info to the search engines so by the time it’s submitted, checked and indexed it’s the season that correlates with the keywords and key towns I updated their site for.

SEO is something that is an ongoing process that requires you to see what works, what doesn’t work and then making corrections according to your discoveries as you go along.  So for a business owner with a seasonal business and you want to start a seasonal SEO strategy reach out to Boston Web Marketing to learn about our services.


–          George Freeman


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