Seasonal Pages and Their SEO Drawbacks

December is an exciting time of year. Everyone is putting up decorations, people are buying gifts, and the joy of happiness is in the air! A lot of companies like to get into the Christmas spirit and create seasonal pages for all things winter where they may sell special products or promote winter deals but is that the best course of action for your SEO?

If you own a website that has seasonal pages, it may be hurting you instead of helping you. A general rule of thumb when it comes to SEO is the more content the better and some of you may be thinking that by adding seasonal pages you are therefore adding content. As great as that sounds, it’s important to consider that when you take down a page, you eliminate its rank along with it.

Swapping Out Content

Over time, the URL’s on your site gain equity and the longer they stay active the better. Google understands that your links have been active for a substantial amount of time and notices their importance to your website. For example, let’s say you were to take down your Thanksgiving page and wanted to swap it out for your Christmas page. In the eyes of Google, the Christmas page would be considered brand new and ranked like one, down at the bottom of the 6th, 7th, maybe even 8th page! (There is no telling exactly where it will actually be placed but the point is that your new page won’t be able to compete with other pages with an established history). The solution to this is to simply swap out content on your pages. By swapping out the content on the same page, you can keep your URL equity and continue to build it over time.

Using Seasonal Pages

If you are intent on having seasonal pages and aren’t a fan of swapping out content on certain pages, the next best course of action is to do your best and leave your seasonal content up for a substantial amount of time. You want Google to become comfortable crawling your site and noticing the same pages over and over again. Try publishing your seasonal pages slightly before the season and leaving it up for a few months after the season is over so that it can build up its rank as much as possible.

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