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As the summer draws to a close, we find ourselves shifting gears and spending more time in shopping malls than at the beach.  Back-to-school, Halloween, Christmas – so much shopping seems to occur in the fall. What does this mean to online retailers? It means it’s never too early to plan for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire winter buying season.

When it comes to your holiday landing pages, you can never start too early.  Your SEO strategy should always be a long term one. The truth is, if you wait until December to think about holiday traffic, then you will have no time to be indexed by search engines, or build any relevant links.  Think about where you want to be in a few months, during the most profitable time of year, and start working.

So, now that you are going to begin work on your holiday landing pages, let’s discuss where you can expect to get some traction with holiday-season searchers.

Gifting trends – Are there any trends this year that you can capitalize on? Even if you aren’t selling the big trendy kid’s gift of the season, maybe you can provide a less expensive alternate, or a suitable accessory.

Cold weather wear – It might still be summer, but as soon as the temperatures drop, you can expect searches for cold weather gear to increase.  Scarves, hats, boots, socks and winter coats are always big sellers during the cold months.

Recipes – If you offer any sort of food product, recipes make great content. Whether you are devoting a section of your website to recipes (or other creative uses of your product), or just posting an occasional recipe on your blog, everyone is looking for recipe ideas around the holidays.

Value proposition keywords – Competition is tight around the holidays.  Searchers need a good reason to click through to your site.  The big holiday value proposition should do the trick. Try   free shipping, free returns, a long return policy, holiday gift wrapping, ship-time guarantees, and gift certificates. Make sure your page titles and meta descriptions alert searchers to the great values you provide!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Get started on your Christmas SEO strategy and make this a happy, healthy, and profitable holiday season.



–          By Chris Schepici

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