How Seasonal Business Should Optimize Landing Pages

If you are a seasonal business, optimizing your site for search engines is pivotal to the success of your busy season. With most seasonal businesses, competition is stiff and you need to expect there is a competitor out there outspending you in terms of marketing. The good news is, if your web presence has proven success and domain authority, you are in a good spot. Learn how to capitalize on your business’s web presence by optimizing for season-based searches for the services you offer!

Start early with SEO Best Practices

When it comes to building any type of landing page, you can never start too early.  Your SEO strategy should always be a long term one. The truth is, if you wait until December to think about winter traffic, then you will have no time to be indexed by search engines, or build any relevant links.  Think about where you want to be in a few months, during the most profitable time of year, and start working.

Search engines provide best practices for web editors to follow in order to provide users a reliable, consistent experience. Be sure that your web page provides details regarding the services you offer. Furthermore, make sure each of your services has its own pages. If you were a snow removal company, for example, you would want a page on snow plowing and a separate page on snow shoveling. Some businesses even take it a step further and create residential snow shoveling pages and a commercial snow shoveling page. The more specific you can get the better!

Create Service Area Pages

Google and other search engines recommend relevant, local businesses if it makes sense for a given search query. This is why, if you’re a local services business, it is imperative to have service area pages. These pages include paragraph section featuring the types of services your offer combined with a specific town or city. Creating this page re-assures search engines you provide this service to homeowners and businesses in that area. This will improve your business populating in search results, especially those in which users add to their query phrases like- ‘Near me’.

Local Listing Sites

Be sure to create and fill out to completion Google My Business and Bing Places profiles. These allow search engines to further confirm the services you offer, areas you serve and provide an additional avenue for users to reach out as your phone number will be right there on the listing. While these are the most important, there are hundreds of more listing sites you can submit your business information too. Consider looking up listing sites that directly pertain to your industry or the areas you serve. These will yield the most results for your time submitting your businesses information

If your seasonal business requires an upgrade in SEO and overall online presence, contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing today. We have worked with a variety of seasonal businesses in different industries, providing exceptional results and return on investment. While this blog outlines some best practices to follow, contact us today for a full site audit and proposed plan for getting your web presence where it needs to be to succeed. We look forward to connecting!

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