Search Engine Patents You Need To Know About

When it comes to the world of SEO, Google, and other search engines, the landscape is always changing and evolving each year. With new technologies appearing as well as other advances with search engines it is important to stay on top of what is being done. In addition, having this knowledge can give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to ranking your website highly on the first page of search results pages. Below are a couple of patents that Google recently had approved that all webmasters should know about as they could affect the SEO world in the coming years.

3 Search Engine Patents To Know About

Knowledge-Based Patents

When it comes to searching, Google is always implementing techniques and methods to become the best search engine out there. Creating AI and other algorithms to makes sure that their engine captures exactly what a user is searching for, as well as their intent, so they can provide the best answers possible. To help reach this goal, Google has been slowly integrating more personalized search methods so their results can show items that searchers are looking for. One patent they recently just got approved is a patent on user-specific knowledge graphs. This patent will allow Google to support queries and predictions with searches with the use of a personal knowledge graph. A personal knowledge graph will help make a user’s experience more user-friendly and give them faster results if they had a graph based on past searches. With Google mentioning that “there is very little search personalization” happening with search results last year, you can expect something to happen within this patent realm.

Local Search-Based Patents

In 2019, Google’s patent on using quality visit scores was approved and it is one that SEO specialists and webmasters should be well aware of. This use of such quality scores would allow Google to award a company digital and physical badges to the most visited businesses for a certain query. This would designate companies as local favorites and give them a better/higher ranking on search result pages. This is important for SEOs and webmasters because they will want to focus on becoming that local favorite as it could help with their search ranking which will thus lead to more website visits and leads.

Search-Based Patents

Another important patent to keep an eye on is Google’s patent for automatic query pattern generation. This will evaluate the query patterns in an attempt to extract more information about the intent of a search. Whether the search is information, navigational, or transactional in nature, the patent would all this new technology to extract that information to know the patterns of a searcher’s intent. Google would essentially be combining the use of query log information with knowledge graph information to learn about what might be searched for different people and anticipate certain questions.

While a patent doesn’t mean something will actually happen, it is important to know what Google has plans for, as we could try to anticipate certain changes and apply the correct SEO tactics to keep up with these changes.

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