Search Console Update: Security Issues & Manual Actions

As Google Search Console transitions to its new format, Google is continuously rolling out new features that digital marketers can utilize. Aside from the usual features such as an overview of web search clicks and submitting sitemaps, there is now an automated feature looking for security issues and manual actions. While this feature was in the last version of Search Console, it is now front and center within the admin menu to the left of the page. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we wanted to write a quick blog regarding how this feature helps us as marketers!

What does it mean by “Security Issues”?

It is no secret the internet is a place full of suspicious activity. As the internet has grown and changed essentially how we do everything, so have the scams. The security issues tab is used to see if your site is being suspected of sketchy internet activity or if it is being attacked or susceptible to attacks. See some examples of the security issues Google is looking out for:

• Malware- Software made to gain unauthorized access to computer networks
• “Hacked”- A specific type of Malware by users trying to get into your site/ network
• Social Engineering- Tricking users into clicking suspicious links/ entering info

What are Manual Actions?

Google Search Console defines a Manual Action as “a manual action against a site is when a human reviewer at Google has determined that pages on the site are not compliant with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.” While what the reviewer flagged as not compliant can vary, this is Google accusing your site of using Black hat SEO tactics. Be sure to review the manual action it is accusing you of and immediately take action to fix it, which may include reaching out to Google.

SEO Best Practices

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines informs users of what to avoid (Black Hat) but also basic principles to use that will aid in creating a quality site that can be found on search. Essentially, Google wants web pages to be forthright, honest, and provide users with a positive experience on the page. This means making pages for USERS and not attempting to use information from an article with a headline like “SEO hacks that will get me found”. Understand your user base and provide them an exceptional web experience. From there, organic results should take care of themselves.

Boston Web Marketing: Best Practices Meet Security

Boston Web Marketing puts a heavy emphasis on only using Google and Bing’s WebMaster’s Guidelines and avoiding Black Hat SEO tactics. With a team of trained SEO representatives with numerous years of experience, we can organically grow your online traffic and bring in more leads for your business. Give us a call today if you would like to learn more about the industries we have served and case studies of clients we have helped grow their online presence!

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