Ways to Leverage Google Search Console for an SEO Strategy

Whether you are new to the world of SEO and Google Search Console or a seasoned vet looking to maximize your SEO success, Google Search Console is a lucrative tool that can help streamline your SEO efforts. Google Search Console’s primary function is to check for website health and performance, but this is just skimming the surface. Google Search Console is a multi-faceted tool that is vital to a strong SEO strategy.

Uses of Google Search Console

Google Search Console’s uses include helping users understand their site traffic, tracking keyword performance, and fixing performance issues. By condensing these vital tools into one place, Google Search Console is a must-have tool for any SEO specialist.

Studying Site Traffic with Google Search Console

Your website’s traffic is its backbone. Without traffic, leads will not be coming in, and business will suffer, so it goes without saying that a steady flow of traffic is paramount, as is tracking and understanding traffic patterns. Google Search Console provides users with numerous KPIs to measure traffic with. These KPIs include clicks, average keyword position, impressions, and click-through rate (CTR). How you use these metrics to adapt your SEO strategy is up to you, but no matter what, they should always be closely monitored!

Protecting Site Health with Google Search Console

As we know, Google and its algorithm greatly emphasize your website’s overall performance. These performance measurements include overall load times, mobile optimization, and much more. It can definitely be tough to get an accurate measure of your website’s overall health, but Google Search Console is one of the most valuable site health tools, especially due to the fact that it is designed directly in line with Google performance measurements.

Google Search Console offers users a full list of URLs that need improvement, whether it is the mobile view, content displays, or other important site health and user experience measurements. Not only this, Google Search Console will also email users when a new issue arises, allowing for quick action!

Ensure Pages are Indexed with Google Search Console

As stated above, your website needs traffic to thrive, and to get this inbound traffic your site needs to be visible on search engines like Google. Google Search Console allows users to verify that pages are being indexed by search engines while also warning when specific pages may not be indexed. Within the page errors view, users can also determine what pages are experiencing 404 errors due to issues such as broken links. 

Maintain Your Website with Boston Web Marketing

Even with useful tools like Google Search Console, ensuring your website is designed and maintained to maximize performance and user traffic can be a full-time job! Rather than go it alone, work with Boston Web Marketing’s team of experts and let us guide you to SEO and digital marketing success. Contact us today!


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