Schema Markup: Overview & Benefits

Overview Of Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a string of structured data in the form of code, which works in partnership with content & information that is actively displayed on your website. This piece of code is normally placed on the back end of a specific page within your website. Schema Markup ultimately serves two purposes: Help Search engines understand the page and create a rich snippet. In this blog, we will cover a few different forms of schema as well as the benefits that it can provide! The overall purpose of this code is to make crawling websites easier for Google Bots as you are providing a clean & simple code that will tell the bots exactly what is on the page. This means that your site will get crawled faster and when it comes to owning spot #1 on Google, efficiency means everything! If you are interested in a more in-depth breakdown of each form & ultimate function of JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data), click here!

Benefits Of Schema Markup

Rich Snippets
A rich snippet appears on search engine results pages normally right below the link to a website. Depending on the category of schema markup you choose, the rich snippet will vary. A great example of a rich snippet is when a user searches a basic recipe in Google. Due to the Schema Markup added, Google can provide additional information without needing to continue to the site.

Improved Local Business Search
One of the most common, and useful, applications is local business schema. This markup can efficiently communicate to Google the name of your business, address, and phone number. Using this form of markup in this function is a great way to compliment other local SEO efforts including listing citation campaigns.

E-Commerce Product Display & Reviews

Schema can be used effectively for e-commerce sites that want to incorporate reviews of their products into search engine result pages. this form of markup can help promote customer reviews. When properly formatted the markup will bring the reviews into the appearances of their products on SERPs.

Online Tools Dedicated For Schema Markup

Curious about any existing code on your site? Click this link to test your site for any existing markup code!

Want to test your site for any sort of local search optimization? Use this link to get started!

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