Schema Markup And Why It’s Important

Schema Markup is becoming an increasingly vital proponent to add to your website’s code, so Search Engines display results precisely how you want your website to appear. In its proper form, microdata is added to an HTML code that enhances how SERPS shows your page. Let’s talk about why Schema is important and why you should be incorporating it into your website. 

Rich Snippets

Enhancing the User Experience of your webpage can begin before someone even clicks on your site. Schema allows you to include rich snippets into SERP results. Rich snippets are additional information alongside the SERP result that would be useful to the person searching the query. A rich snippet isn’t going to improve your SEO by simply being there. It must be effective in what its goal is to increase the click-through rate. Let’s say you are a 5-star restaurant in the North End of Boston. You can add Schema to display your 5-star rating under your SERP Result. This provides social proof to the customer that you are not some ordinary restaurant and other people enjoy your food and service. This will ultimately improve your click-through rate over time, boosting your SEO. 

How To Use Schema Markup

Schema markup can be used to show dates, authors, locations, awards, etc. Almost anything that will provide additional, helpful knowledge to the searcher. Your Schema Markup should ultimately improve the click-through rate, so don’t use Schema to show undesirable things. If you use it correctly, and Google has enough information about your Brand, Google can give the user a knowledge panel about your business! Knowledge panels appear on the right side of the SERP and allow users to read important facts about your brand. 

It’s important to note that doing Schema correctly is crucial for effectiveness. It should be done by a marketing professional who understands search engine optimization at a granular level and can provide and execute recommendations. 

SEO and Schema Markup At Boston Web Marketing

If you are a company looking to implement schema markup on search engines, Boston Web Marketing has specialists who understand its impact. If you are a smaller company and want to do it yourself, free tools are available online to create basic Schema markup, such as Merkle. Schema can be daunting due to its technicality, but if you take the time to understand it, you can position your company for a world of success on Google. Contact Boston Web Marketing here for more information.

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