Save Your Google Places Listing

Business owners and Webmasters alike take this warning from Google seriously: “Action required: You have 3 weeks to save your Google Places Listing” (email sent out by Google).

In summary the email from Google is given business owners and webmasters until February 21, 2014 to review and update their business information on their Google Places Account. They even give you the three steps it takes to save your listing:

  1. Log into your Google Places Account
  2. Review and Update your Information
  3. Click the Submit Button

Google is making some much needed changes to Google Places & Maps for businesses. Google Places is one of the most important backlinks available to your website; you would hate to lose such an influential listing by ignoring this warning!

All you have to do is click here, log into your account, review your information, make any necessary changes, and click submit! Even if you don’t make any changes, click the submit button anyway!

As mentioned earlier, Google Places is an important listing and backlink to have, as it helps your business be found locally. Don’t let your competitors get the edge over you by ignoring this very simple request from Google!

For more information about any new updates published by search engines, please contact one of the SEO specialists here at Boston Web Marketing.

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