4 Ways to Save Time When Generating Blog Content

A few simple changes in your work habits can make a huge difference in reducing your stress levels and increasing your productivity. If you are somebody who can never quite find enough hours in the day to get through your to-do list, especially when it comes to writing for your company blog, there are ways you can make the most out of your day.
Here are some strategies that will help you save time when generating fresh blog content:


  • Work on one task at a time. While you might feel more productive when multitasking, this actually just distracts you from what you are trying to accomplish. Working on only one item on your to-do list at a time will also save your energy, leaving you with more willpower and motivation for later in the day. No matter how much you have to take care of throughout the day, do not be tempted to multitask and overextend yourself.

  • Repurpose any older content. Creating great content on a regular basis can often be difficult, so when you write a piece worth being proud of you should get everything you can out of it. Look for instances when repurposing old content will be useful for you; for instance, a how-to guide can easily be turned into a new infographic for the website. Starting from scratch is not always a necessity, and will actually make your job more difficult.

  • Write when you feel most alert. Take a minute and think about what kind of worker you are; do you get the most done in the morning, or are you more productive in the afternoon? Being aware of this information will allow you to use it to your advantage, as you can brainstorm strategy ideas and write when you are feeling most alert and creative. Not only will this make your day flow better, but you will also produce better content.

  • Focus on evergreen pieces. Evergreen articles are long-term assets, so creating them whenever possible is a smart investment of your time and resources. While you still want to mix in seasonal or time-bound content, you will want to have work up on your website that will stay fresh and useful for months and years to come. If not, stale content will result in users losing interest in your website and your traffic numbers will fall.

Generating fresh content for your company’s website is a busy and often time-consuming job. If you are not careful, this work can eat up your entire day while you still feel as if there are simply not enough hours to get everything done. By utilizing the above tips, you can go a long way towards fixing this issue and creating pieces your audience will actually be excited to read.

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