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Safari iOS Adds Call Button to Search Results

Safari iOS had previously included the click-to-call button to search results for local businesses before temporarily removing it. Now, Safari appears to be reviving this feature, primarily for restaurants at this point, however. Safari seems to be grabbing these phone numbers from sources including the businesses’ websites, Yelp, Facebook and Trip Advisor.

Although this feature cannot be directly implemented by web admins, including schema markup on sites as well as adding clearly visible, clickable phone numbers may be beneficial in taking advantage of this feature. Since these numbers are also getting extracted from listing and review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, it’s also vital to make sure your business is listed on these sites with the information being 100% correct.

Unlike Chrome on mobile, the Safari iOS click-to-call feature pops up prior to users completing their search. Businesses that pop up first in these search auto-fills will have a clear advantage over businesses that don’t, which will usually be a function of not practicing the best SEO techniques.

While it appears this feature is primarily showing for restaurants, Safari will likely implement this feature for additional industries. Stay tuned for any future updates or tips into taking advantage of this feature.

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